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Happy Holidays and a Bonus Chapter…



Happy Holidays to you and yours! For those interested in a bonus chapter or two for the Cambion series with Mercy and boys, sign up for my newsletter. I’ll be sending out a newsletter sometime between Christmas and New Years which will include the bonus chapters that will start from where Sacrifice of Mercy left off. I will not be posting these chapters anywhere else. So you can only get it if you are signed up for my newsletter.

Here is the LINK to the signup form.


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Help spread the word…

SACRIFICE OF MERCY will release October 15th by some crazy way, lol. I need help posting about the release because I’ve been so busy trying to make it happen. So, my unofficial street team, share away. I’ve posted the cover, blurb and teasers for you to post on social media to help me out if you can. Love you guys. And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to find out what’s next.

SoM_eBook_Final sm


Life is a journey and for Mercy it has been more than a bumpy road. She’s loved, she’s lost and now it’s time to atone for her decisions. Everything she’s gone through has come down to one moment, one twist of fate, one decision that will impact not only her life, but all the lives around her and beyond.

Faced with the impossible, she will grasp at all the answers, all the truths she’s so long sought. The question remains, is she be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to win not only all the battles but the war, at any cost including her heart?

14 3 2

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Cambion Final Book Teaser Two…

Mercy and Flynn



Cambion Book 5




Flynn and Mercy

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Final Cambion Book Reveal

I thought writing Angel of Mercy was the hardest book I had to write. I was wrong. This book will be the hardest to complete. I’ve said goodbye to several characters, but these started it all for me. One part of me wishes to continue this series forever. But paranormal romance books must come to end. Had this been urban fantasy, maybe…

All the answers you seek will be revealed. I hope everyone will be pleased with the ending. I know there are camps on both sides, or three sides, lol. But Mercy can’t have them all. (as much as I would like her too, JK).

The book will end as it was always meant to. I’m considering writing an alternative ending so everyone will be assured of happiness. I’m not sold on that yet. I will try my best to put out at least weekly teasers to keep you guys going until release, which will be soon. It won’t be that long unless the unexpected happens (such as illness, death, etc.).

But I want to hear from you guys. I have a poll to see who you want Mercy to end up with. Then I’d love to hear what you are hoping to see or get answers to, outside of the romance.

Oh, and even though this story is done and all questions surrounding this series will be answered in this book including the romance question; there will be one more book with some of these characters and characters from the Alliance series. It will read more like urban fantasy as romance won’t be the major element of the story. And you won’t have to read both series to enjoy.

And after much ado, here is the cover of the fifth and final book in the Cambion series along with a tentative blurb.


Life is a journey and for Mercy it has been more than a bumpy road. She’s loved, she’s lost and now it’s time to atone for her decisions. Everything she’s gone through has come down to one moment, one twist of fate, one decision that will impact not only her life, but all the lives around her and beyond.

Faced with the impossible, she will grasp at all the answers, all the truths she’s so long sought. The question remains, is she be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to win not only all the battles, but the war, at any cost including her heart?




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Cambion Final Book Teaser One…

Okay, so it’s Monday and I thought why not give an extended teaser to the final Cambion book.

I haven’t yet revealed the title and cover. But I think this picture (although not the cover) speaks to the mood of the teaser.

Cambion Book 5

Check out the teaser at this link. Please note the teaser is uncut (meaning not edited, so be kind)


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Broken Lens Release Day!

BL FB ad 08 now

For those of you that have been waiting, the wait is over. Broken Lens is here. The story continues where it left off in Through the Lens.

And those of you who didn’t read Through the Lens or not into Young Adult romance, you don’t need to read it to enjoy Broken Lens. All the information necessary to enjoy the story (related to the first book) is in there. Plus, Broken Lens is written as a New Adult romance novel.

So what are you waiting for? Come on, give it a shot. I hope you like it.


AMAZON Buy link

Barnes & Noble link

Excerpt below. *warning* Rated for mature readers.

After the second beer and a dose of pain meds, I finally passed out. I dreamed of better times. A carefree Jess when I’d realized I’d fallen completely for her. Then she’d looked at me like I was worth something more than the image of my face or the size of my bank account.

The warmth of the sunlight, like Jess’s fingertips on my skin, jolted me awake. My hand went to the back of my neck where the sofa created kinks I couldn’t get out. I stood still unsteady and found Jess asleep on my bed. Thoughts of kissing my way up her from her leg to her beautiful mouth invaded my mind. I made a hasty retreat to my bathroom…

I shucked my clothes, causing them to slap against the tile floor. I turned on the shower and stepped in, even though, the water was as cold as ice. Hopefully, it would alleviate my heated desire for the girl on my bed who had me hard as my thick skull.

Soapy, head to toe, I fisted my need in my hand as I rested my head on the tiles. Water cascaded down my back and did nothing to cool my heated skin. I almost didn’t hear the door to the shower stall open. As the water began to warm at my back, a soft hand landed on my hip. I jumped and turned around.

Jess stood with willing Puritan eyes. If only she knew of the monster that was so close to the surface, she would most likely run like hell.

“Jessica, you need to leave now.”

Her hand reached up and touched my shoulder. “I don’t want to leave.”

“You have no idea what you’re asking for. Please leave, or I swear I’m going to have you like I’ve wanted since the first day I saw you.”

I gave her my back and rinsed the soap out of my hair. Her finger grazed around from my hip down the definition of muscle that led to my pulsing need.

Roughly, I said once more. “Jessica, please go.”



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Broken Lens to release April 30th

My writing journey has been a long one. I’ve had ups and downs and with the kind words I receive via FB, my blog, my website, Twitter and Goodreads, from you, my readers, I’ve weathered the storm. I’m now writing full time (and being a stay at home mom), so my attention isn’t as divided as it has been in the past.

I should be able to get out all my back titles and get back on track. I have a couple of books that will release soon I’m really excited about. Look for one cover reveal for a new young adult contemporary stand alone novel to drop Friday, May 1st. I think it’s pretty smoking hot if you ask me.

But to the reason I’m writing today….


Hopefully, all good things are worth the wait. This book has been a labor of intense love. And thanks to motivation from a very good friend, I’ve made it through the darkness and into the light with this one. It has taken me longer than expected to complete, but what’s new. It’s done, and I hope I did the story justice as I know you guys will tell me whether I did or didn’t.

Here are a few teasers. I’ll post the pre-order links when I get them.

BL FB ad 04a BL FB ad 05 avail handsome muscular young man on a motorcycle summer day at sunset


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Happy Valentine’s Day (a day early)


What better way to celebrate with Mercy and the boys. So I’ve posted two deleted scenes. One from Angel of Mercy and the other from Have No Mercy.

I have other deleted scenes and will post more in the future as we draw near to the final book in the series. So much is going to happen, I’m not sure how I’ll cram it all into one book. But I will find a way. It’s been on my mind a lot.

Thanks for all your support. If you haven’t written a review for Have No Mercy, consider writing one and posting on Amazon. (this is me begging, lol)

I’m working to get Broken Len released. I’m a little behind, but it is going to happen.

And to Mercy…

(thanks Tiffany for the first two teasers. I absolutely love them.)

Fan Made TH for HNM 2 Fan Made TH for HNM HNM Promo 01 sm HNM Promo 02 sm HNM Promo 03 HNM Promo 04 sm Mercy and Flynn

Click below

AOM deleted scene

HNM deleted scene

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Check out Blood Beyond Darkness

The fourth book in the series is certainly not the least. Check this one out. I have a few teasers to share with you all.


Blood Beyond Darkness Teasers & Excerpts:

Soft rain pelted on the French doors of my room. Swinging my legs over, my feet touched the lush rug. My toes curled into the velvety wool. The need to move to the doors tugged at me. I could feel him. The strength of his blood propelled me to the window. Pressing my hand against the glass, my gaze scanned the grey soggy landscape. The tingle of my skin told me his eyes were on me. Watching me. My heart pumped under my ribs, thumping loudly in my chest. The last time he gave me his blood I recalled the overwhelming connection I had to him. It lessened over time, but at first it was extreme. Again I now knew exactly where he was, down to the tree he was leaning against, even though I could not see him.

He called to me. Not just because he was my Alpha, but because my body longed for his. Every sense in me was so overstimulated my skin could feel his eyes crawling over every inch of my body. It was like his fingers were actually touching me. I leaned against the cool window, my legs shaking underneath me, and my breath quickened. Desire consumed me. I was embarrassed when a low moan came from me.


Run! My instincts screeched at me.

Along with the thump of my heart, my feet pounded against the earth, pushing me forward. A chilled ripple caressed the back of my neck and down my back. My nerves heated me quickly dropping trickles of sweat down my spine.

        Run faster.

Intuition lit another fire under my feet. My muscles strained as I pushed my legs to move faster, jumping and weaving around the wood’s hurdles.

Branches of a distorted tree curled down, wrapping itself around a boulder, blocking my path. Twisting my path to change my direction, I stumbled. Fear leaped into my gut, coiling around it. I smelled what was after me. A smell ingrained in my memory.

 10410316_427618134046685_6304475028529185605_n 10460456_427618157380016_8698400715117542279_n

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Dwellers of Darkness Teasers & Excerpts

I have more from this amazing series


Dwellers of Darkness Teasers & Excerpts:

“Well, you make stupid decisions. You should not be trusted with making any choices when it comes to men, your safety, or pretty much anything else.”

The room filled with energy. The lights flickered. “Why? Because they don’t match yours?”


“Well, the ‘men’ thing you might be right about. I do make stupid decisions.” Aggravation thumped in my ears. I had trained for so long to control my powers, to not let them rule me, but when I was around Eli, my restraint went to hell.

“Fairy boy will be so hurt.”

Magic slipped from my hold saturating the room. Every light surged, popping with the overload of my power.

Fairy boy was the only one I got right.”


My tongue salivated for the meat. I didn’t even realize I licked my lips till I saw him staring at me. His eyes were fixed on my tongue and lips. Warmth flushed my cheeks and neck. He cleared his throat and found his plate exceptionally fascinating.

“Do you want a bite?” he said, back to being detached from feelings. “You can’t deny the Dark Dweller part of you wants it.”

Again, my chest ballooned with heat. Oh, yeah, my Dark Dweller, Demon, and Fairy sides all wanted it. But, wait, he was talking about food. I suddenly found his plate exceptionally interesting, too.

I shrugged. “Sure.” Acting like I didn’t give a shit was guaranteed to fool him. Right?

He scooped up pieces onto his fork and pointed it toward me.

What the hell? He’s going to feed me? Crap on ash bark.

I opened my mouth, and he steered the fork in. I tried gracefully to get all the food off the fork and into my mouth. But when had I ever been known for my grace? Some pieces dribbled out and onto the floor, my hand clasped over my lips, shoving the rest in.

So hot.

The pieces of meat exploded on my taste buds, and I groaned with happiness. I had never really liked red meat before Eli had given me Dark Dweller blood, and now I was eating it raw. Raw and loving it.

“Tastes good,” I mumbled through bites.

His eyes raked over me. His lips hooked in a half grin, his eyes full of want. The coldness he displayed all week was gone. We stood there. My chest constricted, and my lungs forgot to move air in and out. Every inch of my skin prickled with craving. I thought of him pitching me up on the counter, everything crashing to the floor, as he took me right there. I tightened my muscles to stop from acting on it, but they didn’t listen. I stepped closer; only a hair separated our bodies. His breathing went shallow, and my body tingled at the proximity of his. We didn’t look each other in the eyes, but I could feel his roam over every curve of my form. I reached out, lightly touching his shirt, his stomach muscles rippling under the fabric. Slowly he bent in, leaning down. His lips were only an inch from mine.

And then they were gone. He jerked back, his hand going to his head.



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