Final Cambion Book Reveal

20 May

I thought writing Angel of Mercy was the hardest book I had to write. I was wrong. This book will be the hardest to complete. I’ve said goodbye to several characters, but these started it all for me. One part of me wishes to continue this series forever. But paranormal romance books must come to end. Had this been urban fantasy, maybe…

All the answers you seek will be revealed. I hope everyone will be pleased with the ending. I know there are camps on both sides, or three sides, lol. But Mercy can’t have them all. (as much as I would like her too, JK).

The book will end as it was always meant to. I’m considering writing an alternative ending so everyone will be assured of happiness. I’m not sold on that yet. I will try my best to put out at least weekly teasers to keep you guys going until release, which will be soon. It won’t be that long unless the unexpected happens (such as illness, death, etc.).

But I want to hear from you guys. I have a poll to see who you want Mercy to end up with. Then I’d love to hear what you are hoping to see or get answers to, outside of the romance.

Oh, and even though this story is done and all questions surrounding this series will be answered in this book including the romance question; there will be one more book with some of these characters and characters from the Alliance series. It will read more like urban fantasy as romance won’t be the major element of the story. And you won’t have to read both series to enjoy.

And after much ado, here is the cover of the fifth and final book in the Cambion series along with a tentative blurb.


Life is a journey and for Mercy it has been more than a bumpy road. She’s loved, she’s lost and now it’s time to atone for her decisions. Everything she’s gone through has come down to one moment, one twist of fate, one decision that will impact not only her life, but all the lives around her and beyond.

Faced with the impossible, she will grasp at all the answers, all the truths she’s so long sought. The question remains, is she be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to win not only all the battles, but the war, at any cost including her heart?




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