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AOM Promised Teaser #2

An update, last I checked I had 88 likes for Beg for Mercy on Amazon between the Kindle and Paperback version.  We are 12 likes away from another POV.  Thanks for all of you who have written reviews on Amazon and/or liked the page.

Here is my second promised Teaser of Angel of Mercy.

The gritty sand on his hand and my exposed skin left a stinging sensation as his fingers made a path down my thigh below my shorts and back up to the side of my rib cage pushing my shirt up just a little more.  One of my hands was trapped underneath him and the other I used to weave a path in his hair to bring us even closer.  Life was so precious.  I’d learned this in the last weeks.  My conviction was that the time was right.  The time was now.

Tell me, who do you want Mercy to end up with.


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Cover Reveal and Tuesday Teaser

Here it is, the title and cover of the third book in the Cambion series.

Many thanks to Amber McNemar at eThink Graphics for the cover.

Teaser about the book blurb….

Loss cuts deep, deeper when you’ve only had what seems like a short time with that person.  Your feelings were already confused and now there was no more time.  Mercy’s perilous adventures ran light speed ahead when newcomers come to town.  Lycanthropes, demon hunters, and someone else who will come between her heart and her head will play a part in determining her fate and the fate for if not all, most of her friends.


“…It’s been me. Always me.  And in the end, I may be the only one left standing between you and certain death.”

He was oh so close, close enough that his scent surrounded me like a blanket.  There was little doubt that I would always be safe with him.

“And what about…” I tried to say while looking into those blue eyes.

His finger put gentle pressure on my lips. “No one matters but you and me.  When will you realize that?”


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