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Happy Summer

It’s been a while. I’m working hard on Sacrifice of Mercy. It’s the final book in the series. I’m trying to make sure I wrap up all unanswered questions.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been posting chapters of Looking (Title might change for publishing) on Wattpad. It’s a New Adult Romance with a dystopian type twist. It’s more of a romance, and not a save the world book. Nothing on the lines of Divergent. It’s set here on earth in today’s times. There has been an “Ecological” event that makes it more dystopian. Anyway, it’s hard to explain. Give it a try and share your thoughts with me. Who knows, I could take your advice and give you a shout in the book.

Looking v1

Here is the blurb…

Harlow Forde, a nursing student, has loved Jackson for as long as she could remember. When the small town sport’s hero lands a full scholarship to a prestigious university, he’s forced to choose a future over the only girl he’s ever loved. When a natural disaster sends him back home, the fact that he doesn’t return alone doesn’t stop his attraction to Harlow. Only Mother Nature doesn’t turn out to be the town’s only foe. Together, they are forced to work in harmony to save the town they love while their attraction continues to burn bright and threatens to combust.

I would rate the book mature audience, but there isn’t much in the way of explicit details that a mature teen couldn’t handle.

If I would cast Jackson and Harlow, I might choose these two model/actors

Charlie-Matthews sm Vika-levina-fashion-models-wallpapers


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Cambion Final Book Teaser Two…

Mercy and Flynn



Cambion Book 5




Flynn and Mercy

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Readers wanted

Okay, I thought this might be fun. I’ve been wanting to try Wattpad forever but I didn’t have a story to post. Now, I have this story that might have never seen the light of day anytime in the next year. I decided why not post it for you guys to read. It’s New Adult contemporary although there is a dystopian twist to it. So far, there is a bit of steam in it (I call it more angst), but nothing a mother would worry about a young adult reading. (nothing explicit).

Love to hear what you guys think about it while I work on completing my next project. I’m curious how this wattpad thing works. I’ve been too busy writing, I’m late to the wattpad phenomenon.

Anyway, the book is titled Looking. This is the current cover, not sure exactly how I feel about it. Anywho…

Looking v1

Here is the link if you are interested.



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Happy Valentine’s Day (a day early)


What better way to celebrate with Mercy and the boys. So I’ve posted two deleted scenes. One from Angel of Mercy and the other from Have No Mercy.

I have other deleted scenes and will post more in the future as we draw near to the final book in the series. So much is going to happen, I’m not sure how I’ll cram it all into one book. But I will find a way. It’s been on my mind a lot.

Thanks for all your support. If you haven’t written a review for Have No Mercy, consider writing one and posting on Amazon. (this is me begging, lol)

I’m working to get Broken Len released. I’m a little behind, but it is going to happen.

And to Mercy…

(thanks Tiffany for the first two teasers. I absolutely love them.)

Fan Made TH for HNM 2 Fan Made TH for HNM HNM Promo 01 sm HNM Promo 02 sm HNM Promo 03 HNM Promo 04 sm Mercy and Flynn

Click below

AOM deleted scene

HNM deleted scene

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Lullaby for a Solider

HNM coming soon

I know I’ve kept you waiting. So, I’m gifting you a Bonus POV. I haven’t done one of these in a while. I hope this helps with the wait for HNM. I don’t have a date yet sadly. But I’m hoping before summer is over.

For a listening choice for this POV, I would suggest Lullaby For a Solider (Arms of the Angel) by Maggie Stiff

Click here to read this bonus POV.


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Update to the Balance Sheet series

Hindsight is crystal clear. From what I know now, I would have made several different choices. Many of those wished changes have to do with my Balance Sheet series.

This story spoke to me so loudly, I had to write it. I thought, I have my Cambion and Through the Lens projects to finish. What should I do? I found it hard to find the inspiration for the others with this story in my head. So I decided, I’ll write it in pieces in between working on my other projects.

Well, that may not have been the smart choice. The jury is still out. I do know that I feared reprisal from Liabilities. I knew you guys would want more of a certain someone. The question was how to accomplish that and be true to the story. This is where hindsight comes in. I could have written Liabilities in dual POV much like Equity. I could have and didn’t think of that because of the nature of the story.

Time is not my friend these days. I don’t have that luxury to write an entire another half of a story. I’m already off my schedule because an opportunity came up unexpected that I had to seize. So what to do?

I’ve added three bonus chapters to Liabilities told from Kalen’s POV. For those who purchased the book prior to today, you didn’t have the luxury of reading.

Equity Teaser _3

To avoid spoilers to those who haven’t read, I’ll trade you. If you’ve read both Assets and Liabilities, send me a link to your Assets review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, your e-mail addy and I’ll give you the code to read the free bonus chapters online. Each chapter will give you information where these chapters have been inserted into the story.

Send me that information through my webpage so you don’t leave personal info here. Use subject Liabilities Bonus Chapters.!contact/c1kcz

May 20th is fast approaching and the conclusion to the story will be available soon.



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It’s a New Year…

It’s 2014 and the year is off to an interesting start.

After finishing with Liabilities, I was able to take time to see some movies, like Catching Fire and the second installment of the Hobbit. I have a lot of love for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Hobbit series. Man that guy could write and had such talent for putting together his imagination on a page. And let’s not forgot the Hunger Games trilogy. It was really nice to see book to movie conversion done so well consider condensing a longer book into a shorter screenplay. Have you guys seen? What did you think?

I’ve been doing a lot of playing out in my head about each of my books. I wish I had magic fingers and I could get all of it down on a page in minutes instead of weeks and months. I’ve plotted out Mercy’s conclusion. Okay, so I’ve known how it would end. More like the details and I’m anxious to get it down and finished.

I’m also ready to bring TTL to its conclusion. Ethan needs to finish telling his story.

A song that’s been playing in my head and on my speakers on repeat is Wait for Me by Kings of Leon. I feel like it describes characters in flux in each of my books as a song sung to other characters. Can you guess who would be singing to who?

But today I’m here to talk about Liabilities. I took a risk in writing an adult tale. I needed an outlet for all the things I couldn’t write in YA. Assets, Liabilities and ultimately Equity are really one book. I took a chance in telling the story in the “series” way because I needed to get other things written in between. In doing so, it may appear that the story is headed in a certain direction.

L Ad Blog Tour Promo v3

For me as a writer, I try to give the reader enough information so that they really understand the characters and the decisions that they make (bad or good ones alike). All my main characters are flawed. Somehow, perfect characters to me aren’t as interesting. As such, they make mistakes, human or paranormal ones, lol. Because I’m a reader as much as a writer, I totally understand when you want to shake, slap, yell or whatever at my characters because you perceive what they are doing as dumb, idiotic, crazy, etc. But that’s what people do, we make mistakes. Heck, my mistake was writing and releasing the book in pieces. What’s done is done. Again, I get it. I just hope you guys continue to trust me.

For Equity, the story will be told from two POVs, Kalen and Baileys. You got a taste in Liabilities. Now it will be full out throughout the book.

As a teaser, I’m posting the unedited first chapter in Equity. Click the link below. Enjoy.


DON’T FORGET THE GIVEAWAY. (see previous post for more information)



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News and gifts…

Happy Holidays to everyone. I come baring news of good tidying and baring gifts. I know not everyone is a fan of each of my series/books. Some of you only like paranormal, young adult, adult, or lgbt. And I have something for everyone.

First of all, have you checked out my updated website. It’s up and running. There need to be a few tweeks, but so far I’m stoked.

But you guys want the pressies…




First for my Cambion series fans…

Cambion Ad1

So, Beg for Mercy is like so close to my heart. Being the first book I published, it will always hold that special place in my heart.

Because I love it so much, it’s time for a change. I’ve gotten word from many of you over the months how the original cover art has been used by many other authors. And as much as I love the silhouette, it’s time for Mercy to have a unique identity. I thought I’d have the cover to share with you today, but a few touches need to be finished on it. It will have the same feel as the original cover, but the cover art will be unique to me/novel and won’t be used by anyone else. YAY!

Some covers may end up coming close, but it won’t be an exact replica as it stands now. I hope to get back to you all soon with the reveal. Additionally, Mercy is getting re-edited for the millionth time. (Thanks Taylor) I had it perfect in November the original year of publication. However in June the following year when I made a change, I saved over that file accidentally and lost it. (yikes) Anyway, good things to come with this series.

My first present is a Bonus POV that takes place after Mistletoe (a previous POV). If you are a re-reader, you may want to read Mistletoe again before this one. Click the link and enjoy.

My second present (because the next book isn’t going to release this year like I hoped) is a sneak peek at the first chapter in Have No Mercy. Enjoy!!!



For my Through the Lens fans…


Again, I apologize for Broken Lens not releasing. So for your present, I’ve written a POV from TTL from Ethan’s POV. I hope you like. Also, I believe the first chapter of Broken Lens was posted a while ago. I’ll post that link just in case.

Chapter One (previous posted)


For my Alliance fans…


Thank you guys for being patient. Rouge is written and awaiting my final read through before it goes to beta and editing. For your present, I will post a very unedited version of the first chapter. You will get both Keller and Hudson’s POV. I’m tempted to post without reading myself because I can’t get distracted right now. I love the way my writing partner writes. (Yes, that’s me fan girling. I have no shame.) And of course, Keller has a way of sucking me back in. (I read the first chapter at least. Gosh I want to stop what I’m doing. It’s been over a year since I read. It’s almost like reading for the first time.)



For my Assets fans (Balance Sheet series)…

BS Ads1

Liabilities will be released next week. YAYAY! For those of you that requested an ARC it’s coming soon. I’ll ask your help in doing a promo post on your blog or wherever. I’ll send that information soon for those who signed up.

In the meantime, I have a raw POV from Kalen’s POV from Assets. I hope you like. An extended version will be included as a bonus in the back of Liabilities.



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Flynn and more…

Writing can be a lonely place. And at times, a difficult one. Right now I have a total of four completed stories in my head. If I could plug a thumb drive in my ear and simply hit download on the screen of my brain, Broken Lens, two new stories and the fourth Mercy novel would be complete. No editing would be required because in my head everything would download grammatically correct.

Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t work that way. And at times, I can’t bring myself to type the words. It’s not really writer’s block as I know what to say. But it’s something that prevents me from typing them anyway. Unlike some authors, I don’t have a strict regiment for writing every day. As much as I’ve tried to implement that policy, so far it hasn’t worked.

I must admit that I’m anxious to write the Mercy story. The way it’s unfolded in my head, Flynn is eager to get out and on paper.  And of course there are a few more surprises that should please some.

Flynn - character

However, I have 2 stories I must finish first. Liabilities is written and is begging me to finish the editing process. But Ethan has filled my thoughts the last two days. I’ve chosen Broken Lens to be my Nanowrimo story. For those that don’t know, it’s National Novel Writing Month, which is November.

TTL Cover 2

In two days, I’ve written over 13,000 words to what I’d already written. I know every word that needs to be written from start to finish. And I fear if I stop to work on something else, I’ll lose my momentum. Heck at the way I’m working, I could be finished by week’s end. But I’ll make no such promises. Want a teaser…

This book is written from Ethan’s POV (at least mostly).

gabriella @ Women

“You see Ethan, my lawyers assure me that this case will be dropped. The prosecution is not in the business of working on losing cases.”

There it was. I couldn’t stop the question in my head from tumbling from my mouth. “What does this have to do with me?”

“Everything,” he taunted.

Even though Ethan has consumed me, that doesn’t mean I don’t have Flynn, Luke, Sebastian, Paul, Keller, Turner, Kalen and Colton on my brain. Opps, did I mention Colton. Forget I said that. That’s for another time.

*Looks away because I’ve said too much.* 😉

(Change topic :))

So I wrote that POV of Flynn ages ago. And someone asked me about the next Mercy book on the Cambion’s group on Goodreads. I do try to pay attention and respond to questions and such on various media. For that reason, I’m taking this time to do a blog post which I haven’t done in forever and post this POV. So, you guys can thank Kelly. It was her kind words that took me out of Ethanville and back into Flynn Heights, lol. I’m a sucker for kind words.

broken lens

Anyway guys, no matter what book you are waiting for, I’m working on it in some way. Liabilities will be released this month if it’s the last thing I do. Broken Lens will be on its heels. Then, I’ll put all my effort into the next Mercy book. I do have the cover to share with you all, but another day.

Click here for a BFM prequel POV.

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Cover Reveal and Bonus

So, yeah, a lot going on. Quick update, Liabilities is still in editing for all those of you that have asked. Up next is Broken Lens and another project that I’ve been working on.

However, I’ve been dreaming in full color the next Mercy book. It’s pressing on my brain to release all the words locked up in my head. This next installment should be an adventure for sure. I think a ton of you will be happy.

So for those of you that loved Alliance here is the cover for Rogue.


And as a bonus, I’ve written a BONUS POV from AOM (and a teaser from Rouge) where one of the Alliance characters and Mercy meet up at a party.

steven chevrin1

So click here…


*THIS BLOG claims no credit for any images I do not own posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.

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