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Have No Mercy

Cambion Seriesv1

With determination that has no bounds, Mercy has set on a quest to make things right. Life is a journey and hers has been a bumpy road. None of that matters. She will have no mercy for anyone that gets in her way. No matter the price or at the cost of her own life, she will persevere.

Her actions may have caught up with her. Their consequences may be dire. However, thrust into another realm on a promise that seems meaningless now, she will find her heart in an unexpected place. Love will conquer all and the two will become one if they are all to survive.

Above the rest, one consequence however may derail her plans. The demon she freed with her dagger may prove to be more dangerous dead than alive.



Sometimes, I wonder how I got here. Like today. Where I am is still a mystery to me. Yet I must succeed on a quest if I am to find him, save him from a fate that wasn’t meant to be his but mine.

However, today, I’m put in a position to make a decision that isn’t my own. Yet I’m alone and out of options.

I can only hope he will forgive me, they will forgive me. I will do as I must to protect them both from all that I am.

I will succeed where others have failed or I will die trying. There isn’t hope unless I have faith that what I’m doing this time is right and true. I refuse to make the same mistakes as I have in the past. I must be true to my heart and true to the path laid in front of me. My soul no longer matters, my destiny already determined. And I will make this right. I will fix this.



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Dear Journal

My name is Charlize Daniels, I go by Charlie.  I see Mercy has made her case.  (Like having four hot guys who want you is such a problem)  But it’s my turn now.  Being in the limelight wasn’t really my thing, but it seems like it’s the only way my story will be told. 

My family has had a rough go it.  With the death of my rock, my father, I wasn’t sure how to survive this world without him.  He was my everything.  At sixteen, with a brush of death of my own, it’s time I learn how to live again. 

With the lost time I spent curled within myself, I may have lost one of the best things other than my father.  Alex.  I remember when….

Turning from what just happened, I walked towards the cars to find my dad’s and leaned against it. I wasn’t ready for things to be different. Summer was ending and I could feel change thick in the air. Things were going to be different no matter what I wanted.

“Are you ok?” Alex asked, catching up to me. I looked up at him with a steely glance. “Okay, you’re fine. But what happened?” he continued.

“Nothing I couldn’t take care of,” I said dismissively, holding my hand to block the shine from the setting sun.  I’d handled that part.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly. And I knew he wasn’t referring to what just transpired.

Turning my face away from his, I stared into nothing but my own thoughts.

“Look Charlie, you’re my best friend and I don’t want to lose you. I can’t help how I feel.”  I didn’t have to explain myself to him.  He knew me through and through. There wasn’t anything I could hide from him.

The heat of anger I felt flashed through my eyes back to his. I didn’t like that he read me so well.

“Charlie, I mean you’re beautiful and it’s hard not to notice.”

Fire disbursed from my eyes and burned holes in the ground, the direction I now stared because I was in uncharted territory.  Still I said nothing. I had no idea how to reply.

Alex on the other hand seemed to need to say a few things. “I promise to only think of you as a sister from now on if you forgive me. It’s just in that moment like right now I feel something. Don’t you?”

So he was apologizing for the almost kiss. Had I wanted him to kiss me? I hadn’t turned away.

Footsteps had us both turning to see my dad come towards us. I was grateful for the interruption.

Dad spoke first. “Alex, you should go pick up your brother’s pride. We’ll see you later.” He said without a hint of humor. Turning his attention to me, he said, “Charlie, it’s time to go.”…..

And that was the best of my problems.  I wasn’t sure, but I think someone is trying to kill me.  I just needed to Remember, survive and find some happiness I’d lost.

(excerpt from Remember, a young adult parnaormal romance novel by Shannon Dermott copyright 2012)

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Dear Journal

Sent: Thu 9/6/12 4:04 PM

To: Shannon Dermott

From: Mercy Moore

Re: Status of the next installment of my story.


I’m writing because I’m really anxious for this story to be released. I haven’t heard from you in a

while and I’m concerned that you aren’t making me a priority. I know you were working with that

other girl. But honestly, you and I had a deal first. I don’t want to sound bitchy, but things are

really getting crazy. I’m just not sure what will happen next. Please contact me as soon as


*Hitting send on my computer, I get up from my chair and grab my journal.  Maybe I’ll find some measure of peace by writing a few things down.*

Dear Journal,

Day number, I don’t remember.  He is gone and I don’t know how to survive. I don’t believe he is gone forever from me.  I just can’t.  I’m trying to cope but it’s not easy.  My mom is worried about me as is everyone else.  I try to find comfort in reading his journal.

I’ve made a real mess of things.  I’ve sentenced four boys in my life to hell.  One, in some sort of weird coma just because he loved me.  I should have loved him back and then.

Another, the boy I claimed to love was damned because I couldn’t let him go.  I couldn’t leave well enough alone because I was selfish.

Another could be re-trained and lost to us forever.  At lease how we know him now.  And all for helping me, no really for helping all of us. 

And another.  I’ll never forget… I never forgot those words he said to me.

All of them were hell bound because they got involved with me.  What do I have left?  A journal.  His journal. 

You would think I was a freaking angel the way he describes me in it.  I am not deserving of his words, his love, his sacrifice.

I will make this right somehow, someway. 

One way is through my story.  It needs to be told and not for me.  But for all those around me who did everything they could to protect me and be there for me.  This is for them.


*A chime on my computer lets me know I have mail.*

Sent: Thu 9/6/12 4:14 PM

To: Mercy Moore

From: Shannon Dermott

Fwd: Re: Status of the next installment of my story.

Att: cristiano ronaldo.jpg


I totally haven’t forgotten you.  I’ve been extremely busy and just so you know people are

asking about your story.

In fact, Sonya posted a picture of who she though Sebastian looked liked on my facebook

page.  See the attachment and let me know what you think.

Don’t fret, I plan to post two teasers about your story by the weekend.

Are you hijacking my blog again????

Anyway, I have to get back to work.  I promise to talk to you soon.  I need an update

of how things are going.  Especially with the boys.

*Clicking the link above, I get this view.*

*I’m not going to reply to her. At least not right away. It would serve her right.  Sebastian, as if I needed a picture to remind me just what he looks like.  I think I may just go on facebook and find this Sonya.  This guy is extremely close to the real thing.*

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Dear Journal

Dear Journal,

I’m starting fresh with this one.  Shannon has my other journals which she is using to write my story.  It’s hard for me to begin anew.  Events of the recent past are fresh in my mind.  I can’t fathom how things turned out as they did.  Every day, I find myself on the verge of tears wondering just how things went wrong.

When I received this journal (not the one I write in now but another) from out of the blue, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  His words were here.  All I have left at the moment.  I vow to fight however, this fate, this destiny cannot be true.  I’ve given Shannon this journal, so she can share it with those that care.  I dog eared a section, one that allows me to see certain things much clearer.  It all makes more sense.

I cannot predict when Shannon will get back to writing my story.  She tells me there is another girl with an important story to tell.  So, I begged her to release his words.  Just this small part for now, so that I may have some of him back.  Something to cling onto.  Something….

I found this picture.  It takes me back almost to the beginning of it all.  I looked a mess having drank the night before.  God the lakehouse.  But I did seem happy.  Things were better.  Before a person I thought I despided told me three little words.  Before my life went to hell in back.  Just before…..

And in the journal, this picture fell out.  So innocent, she is not.

This at least is something.  Shannon sent me this.

The cover for the story she’s written for me on my request.  It will explain a lot.  Especially when she gets back to telling my story.  I’m not sure how much longer I can wait.  Posting this on her page may get others to pressure her to tell my story.  I need closure.


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