Readers wanted

19 May

Okay, I thought this might be fun. I’ve been wanting to try Wattpad forever but I didn’t have a story to post. Now, I have this story that might have never seen the light of day anytime in the next year. I decided why not post it for you guys to read. It’s New Adult contemporary although there is a dystopian twist to it. So far, there is a bit of steam in it (I call it more angst), but nothing a mother would worry about a young adult reading. (nothing explicit).

Love to hear what you guys think about it while I work on completing my next project. I’m curious how this wattpad thing works. I’ve been too busy writing, I’m late to the wattpad phenomenon.

Anyway, the book is titled Looking. This is the current cover, not sure exactly how I feel about it. Anywho…

Looking v1

Here is the link if you are interested.



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