Update to the Balance Sheet series

05 May

Hindsight is crystal clear. From what I know now, I would have made several different choices. Many of those wished changes have to do with my Balance Sheet series.

This story spoke to me so loudly, I had to write it. I thought, I have my Cambion and Through the Lens projects to finish. What should I do? I found it hard to find the inspiration for the others with this story in my head. So I decided, I’ll write it in pieces in between working on my other projects.

Well, that may not have been the smart choice. The jury is still out. I do know that I feared reprisal from Liabilities. I knew you guys would want more of a certain someone. The question was how to accomplish that and be true to the story. This is where hindsight comes in. I could have written Liabilities in dual POV much like Equity. I could have and didn’t think of that because of the nature of the story.

Time is not my friend these days. I don’t have that luxury to write an entire another half of a story. I’m already off my schedule because an opportunity came up unexpected that I had to seize. So what to do?

I’ve added three bonus chapters to Liabilities told from Kalen’s POV. For those who purchased the book prior to today, you didn’t have the luxury of reading.

Equity Teaser _3

To avoid spoilers to those who haven’t read, I’ll trade you. If you’ve read both Assets and Liabilities, send me a link to your Assets review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, your e-mail addy and I’ll give you the code to read the free bonus chapters online. Each chapter will give you information where these chapters have been inserted into the story.

Send me that information through my webpage so you don’t leave personal info here. Use subject Liabilities Bonus Chapters.!contact/c1kcz

May 20th is fast approaching and the conclusion to the story will be available soon.



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