Check out Blood Beyond Darkness

03 Jul

The fourth book in the series is certainly not the least. Check this one out. I have a few teasers to share with you all.


Blood Beyond Darkness Teasers & Excerpts:

Soft rain pelted on the French doors of my room. Swinging my legs over, my feet touched the lush rug. My toes curled into the velvety wool. The need to move to the doors tugged at me. I could feel him. The strength of his blood propelled me to the window. Pressing my hand against the glass, my gaze scanned the grey soggy landscape. The tingle of my skin told me his eyes were on me. Watching me. My heart pumped under my ribs, thumping loudly in my chest. The last time he gave me his blood I recalled the overwhelming connection I had to him. It lessened over time, but at first it was extreme. Again I now knew exactly where he was, down to the tree he was leaning against, even though I could not see him.

He called to me. Not just because he was my Alpha, but because my body longed for his. Every sense in me was so overstimulated my skin could feel his eyes crawling over every inch of my body. It was like his fingers were actually touching me. I leaned against the cool window, my legs shaking underneath me, and my breath quickened. Desire consumed me. I was embarrassed when a low moan came from me.


Run! My instincts screeched at me.

Along with the thump of my heart, my feet pounded against the earth, pushing me forward. A chilled ripple caressed the back of my neck and down my back. My nerves heated me quickly dropping trickles of sweat down my spine.

        Run faster.

Intuition lit another fire under my feet. My muscles strained as I pushed my legs to move faster, jumping and weaving around the wood’s hurdles.

Branches of a distorted tree curled down, wrapping itself around a boulder, blocking my path. Twisting my path to change my direction, I stumbled. Fear leaped into my gut, coiling around it. I smelled what was after me. A smell ingrained in my memory.

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One response to “Check out Blood Beyond Darkness

  1. geminikq

    July 3, 2014 at 10:23 am

    Yay!!!! I can’t wait for this book!!!!


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