Dwellers of Darkness Teasers & Excerpts

02 Jul

I have more from this amazing series


Dwellers of Darkness Teasers & Excerpts:

“Well, you make stupid decisions. You should not be trusted with making any choices when it comes to men, your safety, or pretty much anything else.”

The room filled with energy. The lights flickered. “Why? Because they don’t match yours?”


“Well, the ‘men’ thing you might be right about. I do make stupid decisions.” Aggravation thumped in my ears. I had trained for so long to control my powers, to not let them rule me, but when I was around Eli, my restraint went to hell.

“Fairy boy will be so hurt.”

Magic slipped from my hold saturating the room. Every light surged, popping with the overload of my power.

Fairy boy was the only one I got right.”


My tongue salivated for the meat. I didn’t even realize I licked my lips till I saw him staring at me. His eyes were fixed on my tongue and lips. Warmth flushed my cheeks and neck. He cleared his throat and found his plate exceptionally fascinating.

“Do you want a bite?” he said, back to being detached from feelings. “You can’t deny the Dark Dweller part of you wants it.”

Again, my chest ballooned with heat. Oh, yeah, my Dark Dweller, Demon, and Fairy sides all wanted it. But, wait, he was talking about food. I suddenly found his plate exceptionally interesting, too.

I shrugged. “Sure.” Acting like I didn’t give a shit was guaranteed to fool him. Right?

He scooped up pieces onto his fork and pointed it toward me.

What the hell? He’s going to feed me? Crap on ash bark.

I opened my mouth, and he steered the fork in. I tried gracefully to get all the food off the fork and into my mouth. But when had I ever been known for my grace? Some pieces dribbled out and onto the floor, my hand clasped over my lips, shoving the rest in.

So hot.

The pieces of meat exploded on my taste buds, and I groaned with happiness. I had never really liked red meat before Eli had given me Dark Dweller blood, and now I was eating it raw. Raw and loving it.

“Tastes good,” I mumbled through bites.

His eyes raked over me. His lips hooked in a half grin, his eyes full of want. The coldness he displayed all week was gone. We stood there. My chest constricted, and my lungs forgot to move air in and out. Every inch of my skin prickled with craving. I thought of him pitching me up on the counter, everything crashing to the floor, as he took me right there. I tightened my muscles to stop from acting on it, but they didn’t listen. I stepped closer; only a hair separated our bodies. His breathing went shallow, and my body tingled at the proximity of his. We didn’t look each other in the eyes, but I could feel his roam over every curve of my form. I reached out, lightly touching his shirt, his stomach muscles rippling under the fabric. Slowly he bent in, leaning down. His lips were only an inch from mine.

And then they were gone. He jerked back, his hand going to his head.



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