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Shannon Dermott is an author of young adult fictional stories.

Goodbye 2014…

Goodbye-2014-image-and-hello-2015-photo 4c25a9f857b11ecabf19e2d67d0b6dc4 Goodbye-2014-wallpaper-free goodbye-2014-welcome-2015-1

I hope your holidays were bright!

There are so many lessons I learned this year but there is something so poignant. Don’t dwell on the past because you can’t change it or make it better. You can only learn from it.

So today was publication day for Remember… remember, lol. Sorry, I had to say that. But I’m still working on it tireless day and night. It’s written, but I’m in the middle of the read through. And although I can publish it because it is complete, I’d rather be late a few days than to publish something subpar. Life happened, holidays, kids getting sick, me catching their germs and so on. So, I’m late.

For those that beta read it or for those that read it on the Swoon Reads site, it’s been changed considerably. In fact, I wouldn’t suggest skim reading it as I’ve changed dialogue, personalities and descriptions throughout. As well as several parts hit the cutting room floor in favor of other additions. This book only resembles the story I wrote several years ago because of the characters names, some of which I tweeked. Other than that, the story is far different in substance and not in overall direction.

So what does that mean. It means I need at about a week to finish maybe two, but I can’t take that long unless a domino effect happens with my other release dates. Broken Lens is up next and I’m actual ready for it. So a week or less and I’ll get it published.

Also, I haven’t forgotten the bonus POVs from Have No Mercy. When I’m editing a book, I can’t work on another. I have to read start to finish or else I might miss something. So once Remember is published, I will try and get the bonus POV done.

I hope you love the Peter and Jensen brothers…

sleeve tats example Alex and Jack 

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and Happy Reading!!!


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Have No Mercy is LIVE

If you haven’t heard, the long awaited sequel in the Cambion series has been released.



You can purchase on Amazon here…


Or you can purchase on Barnes & Noble here…


Post a quick review on Amazon and if you like Barnes & Noble and I’ll send you the first few chapters in the next book. Send me the link through the contact me page on my website,



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Release Dates Announced

You guys are the absolute best. Some of you’ve waited patiently, lol. And it’s finally here.

Have No Mercy is about done. ARCs have been sent out. And I just have a few minor details until it goes live. But the date is DECEMBER 11, 2014, for better or for worse. I’ve posted teasers on the Goodreads Fan group as well as the Facebook Fan group as well.

HNM_PromoHNM coming soon

Now for those who are awaiting other books. I have four books I’m close to pushing the publishing button on. And 2015, I’m hoping to have less distractions than I’ve had the past few years. I’ll probably have a different book that will publish at least once a month.I have several projects at different stages of the publishing process.

BrokenLens_ebooksmTTL ad

Broken Lens – the long awaited sequel to Through the Lens. This book moves from the young adult genre to the new adult genre. It will be told from the “guys” POV and how things progress in this relationship as they move into a college setting. There is a beautiful cover by Regina of Mae I Design. I will have this book in your hands no later than January 31st. (keeping my fingers crossed.)


Profit & Loss – If you remember Lizzy from Assets, Liabilities and Equity, her story will Striker will be released soon. I have a stunning cover by Sara Eirew and the reveal is this Friday. I don’t have an exact publishing date, but it will be before Valentine’s Day.


Rogue – the sequel to Alliance. This book is written and just needs a little love from me and my writing partner. I’ve posted several chapters on Figment. And I will continue to post chapter until the book goes live. The covers are getting an overhaul. But I promise this book to be released by March of 2015.


Remember – the first book that I ever wrote which has changed by at least 180 degrees from the first draft is pretty much done. The beautiful cover is by Amber of eThinks Graphics. If this novel doesn’t get picked up by a publisher, I will release it December 31, 2014.

I have another standalone young adult contemporary novel that has an AWESOME cover. The guy on it is hot, at least I think so, lol. The cover was done by Amber of eThinks Graphics. I’ll release the title and cover hopefully on Christmas day if all goes well.

And for my adult fans, I have a secret I hope to share with you in a few weeks.

So there is a lot going on. I’ve been a busy be. And 2015 will be the year and a ton of books will be released by me. I hope that makes you happy because it makes me happy.

Have an AMAZING holiday season. You guys are the ultimate and I wouldn’t do it without you!!!



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Help to spread the word

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to all our troops. Your sacrifices and dedication can never be fully repaid.



Second, in case you missed my facebook post, for those Alliance series fans, I’ve posted the first five chapters of the second book. If I get through some more editing and my NaNoWriting today, I will try and read through more of Rogue and post more chapters.

Lastly, I’m making a plea today is to ask for your help. Nothing spreads the word more about a book than the fans that read said book. Therefore, I need fans to help create a street team. Since I write in different genres, if you sign up for the street team, you will only be called upon for the genres you are interested in spreading the word about. And if you are selected to be on a street team event, you will get an ARC of the book. And the ARC will be given so that you can read on whatever device you choose, unless the ARC is a paperback. There also will be giveaways and goodies to for those that are on the team. Once the team is selected, I’ll set up a Facebook Street Team page to keep members up to date with what’s going on.

Sound interesting… Upcoming events for the street team members would be a cover reveal for Profit and Loss and to help promote Have No Mercy (an ARC will be provided). Depending on what genres you select to help spread the word, you could be called on to help with those events.

If you are interested the link to the sign up is here.

Most likely sometime this week, I’ll contact members about the cover reveal. And then at some point this weekend, I hope to set up the official street team. Thanks guys! You rock!!!



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Apologies and News

One thing that troubles me about being an author is disappointing my readers. If it wasn’t for you guys, I still wouldn’t be sharing my stories with anyone but myself. So it’s hard when I get asked about when Have No Mercy, Broken Lens and Rouge are being released. I bear the weight of your disappointment when I can’t give you answers.

When I first started writing, I used to pound away in all my free time shutting out the world including my family. Then pirates decided to share my books and my skin yet wasn’t that thick. I became disillusioned with all the hard work I spent, all the time lost with my kids I couldn’t get back because someone decided to give my books away. And I had a mind to give it up.

But then you guys convinced me to continue on. And I felt the need to finish the stories I’d begun. Yet, I also decided that I would write more casually than the frantic nature that I’d done before. And here we are.

I could finish up all the books above just to get them out. But then I think as long as you guys have waited, you are expecting something at least marginally good. One of those stories, Broken Lens was almost done and I decided I didn’t like the direction the story when and scrapped it. An almost complete story down the drain… and that’s my cross to bear.

But I have other news. First you should know, I have absolutely no desire to be famous. I write because I have these stories in my head and need to get them out. At the same time, it’s flattering when someone reads your book and contacts you because they want to take it a more traditionally published route. So you can imagine my surprise when it happened to me out of the blue. With soul searching, I made the decision to let go of some control and see where this would take me.

Which book did this person read? Interestingly enough, it was my adult series that caught the eye of dare I say the right person. Yeah, I was surprised by that. Not that I don’t think it’s a good book. Because I do. Kalen makes me long to visit Scotland in the worst way. But I have a stronger YA following that adult.

However… getting to the point, I’m not allowed to discuss the details of my contract. What I can say is that you shouldn’t see much of a difference when it’s re-released. The main difference will be that it will be available for sale many more places. The first book for re-release is obviously the first book in the series. I’m not sure if the price will change, but I will be taking down my version the book in the next day or so. Thankfully, the re-release will be short coming. The cover will remain, at least for now. And it won’t be a year out before it’s back online and available for sale. It should be soon after and seamless.

Anyway, as you can imagine, I behind on everything else. I’m going to do my best to get Mercy out asap as I hear more from the readers of that series, with my Rouge fans on their heels. But I want to do Mercy… (I almost named names, lol,) Mercy and the gang justice in this story. So bear with me some more.

Thanks again you all for your support and kind words. There are days when I don’t want to write and I get a note from one of your guys that make me hunkering down on my keyboard because I have this need to please. Know that I’m doing my best to get all the books out. And soon maybe my only other job besides by family will be writing and I’ll have all the time in the world to get these stories out faster.

All my best ~ Shannon ❤



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A quick note

Summer has been crazy. And yes, I’m working to produce three books before summer’s over. Ambitious I know. In the meantime, there have been other things behind the scenes. And I should have news soon. I’m almost positive I’ll be pulling one of my series from purchase and handing the reins over to someone else. Scary. But after a lot of advice, it looks like that maybe the case. Because everything isn’t signed on the bottom line yet, I can’t say more. But I wanted to give you guys some update of why the silence. I hope you guys are having the best summer. And I look forward to sharing the news with you soon.

I’ll leave you with a picture that reminded me so much of Flynn and Mercy.



*THIS BLOG claims no credit for any images I do not own posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.

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Lullaby for a Solider

HNM coming soon

I know I’ve kept you waiting. So, I’m gifting you a Bonus POV. I haven’t done one of these in a while. I hope this helps with the wait for HNM. I don’t have a date yet sadly. But I’m hoping before summer is over.

For a listening choice for this POV, I would suggest Lullaby For a Solider (Arms of the Angel) by Maggie Stiff

Click here to read this bonus POV.


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Check out Blood Beyond Darkness

The fourth book in the series is certainly not the least. Check this one out. I have a few teasers to share with you all.


Blood Beyond Darkness Teasers & Excerpts:

Soft rain pelted on the French doors of my room. Swinging my legs over, my feet touched the lush rug. My toes curled into the velvety wool. The need to move to the doors tugged at me. I could feel him. The strength of his blood propelled me to the window. Pressing my hand against the glass, my gaze scanned the grey soggy landscape. The tingle of my skin told me his eyes were on me. Watching me. My heart pumped under my ribs, thumping loudly in my chest. The last time he gave me his blood I recalled the overwhelming connection I had to him. It lessened over time, but at first it was extreme. Again I now knew exactly where he was, down to the tree he was leaning against, even though I could not see him.

He called to me. Not just because he was my Alpha, but because my body longed for his. Every sense in me was so overstimulated my skin could feel his eyes crawling over every inch of my body. It was like his fingers were actually touching me. I leaned against the cool window, my legs shaking underneath me, and my breath quickened. Desire consumed me. I was embarrassed when a low moan came from me.


Run! My instincts screeched at me.

Along with the thump of my heart, my feet pounded against the earth, pushing me forward. A chilled ripple caressed the back of my neck and down my back. My nerves heated me quickly dropping trickles of sweat down my spine.

        Run faster.

Intuition lit another fire under my feet. My muscles strained as I pushed my legs to move faster, jumping and weaving around the wood’s hurdles.

Branches of a distorted tree curled down, wrapping itself around a boulder, blocking my path. Twisting my path to change my direction, I stumbled. Fear leaped into my gut, coiling around it. I smelled what was after me. A smell ingrained in my memory.

 10410316_427618134046685_6304475028529185605_n 10460456_427618157380016_8698400715117542279_n

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Dwellers of Darkness Teasers & Excerpts

I have more from this amazing series


Dwellers of Darkness Teasers & Excerpts:

“Well, you make stupid decisions. You should not be trusted with making any choices when it comes to men, your safety, or pretty much anything else.”

The room filled with energy. The lights flickered. “Why? Because they don’t match yours?”


“Well, the ‘men’ thing you might be right about. I do make stupid decisions.” Aggravation thumped in my ears. I had trained for so long to control my powers, to not let them rule me, but when I was around Eli, my restraint went to hell.

“Fairy boy will be so hurt.”

Magic slipped from my hold saturating the room. Every light surged, popping with the overload of my power.

Fairy boy was the only one I got right.”


My tongue salivated for the meat. I didn’t even realize I licked my lips till I saw him staring at me. His eyes were fixed on my tongue and lips. Warmth flushed my cheeks and neck. He cleared his throat and found his plate exceptionally fascinating.

“Do you want a bite?” he said, back to being detached from feelings. “You can’t deny the Dark Dweller part of you wants it.”

Again, my chest ballooned with heat. Oh, yeah, my Dark Dweller, Demon, and Fairy sides all wanted it. But, wait, he was talking about food. I suddenly found his plate exceptionally interesting, too.

I shrugged. “Sure.” Acting like I didn’t give a shit was guaranteed to fool him. Right?

He scooped up pieces onto his fork and pointed it toward me.

What the hell? He’s going to feed me? Crap on ash bark.

I opened my mouth, and he steered the fork in. I tried gracefully to get all the food off the fork and into my mouth. But when had I ever been known for my grace? Some pieces dribbled out and onto the floor, my hand clasped over my lips, shoving the rest in.

So hot.

The pieces of meat exploded on my taste buds, and I groaned with happiness. I had never really liked red meat before Eli had given me Dark Dweller blood, and now I was eating it raw. Raw and loving it.

“Tastes good,” I mumbled through bites.

His eyes raked over me. His lips hooked in a half grin, his eyes full of want. The coldness he displayed all week was gone. We stood there. My chest constricted, and my lungs forgot to move air in and out. Every inch of my skin prickled with craving. I thought of him pitching me up on the counter, everything crashing to the floor, as he took me right there. I tightened my muscles to stop from acting on it, but they didn’t listen. I stepped closer; only a hair separated our bodies. His breathing went shallow, and my body tingled at the proximity of his. We didn’t look each other in the eyes, but I could feel his roam over every curve of my form. I reached out, lightly touching his shirt, his stomach muscles rippling under the fabric. Slowly he bent in, leaning down. His lips were only an inch from mine.

And then they were gone. He jerked back, his hand going to his head.



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I’ve got to get my hands on Fire in the Darkness


And I have teasers for Fire in the Darkness by Stacey Marie Brown, if you are one of the few who hasn’t read this book/series yet.

Fire in the Darkness Teasers & Excerpts:

I suddenly felt Eli’s nails grow, breaking through the fabric of my hoodie. “Run to the car and get the hell out of here.” He shoved the car keys in my pocket before pushing me to the side. His face was already half changed as he lunged for Drauk. I couldn’t move, engrossed in watching Eli’s body transform into a Dark Dweller.Eli had changed only partially in front of me before and in darkness. I hadn’t been able to see him change when he fought the phooka so I’d never seen the whole transformation. It was disturbing, fascinating, and somehow beautiful all at the same time.

Mesmerized, I watched his clothes tear. His body curved and twisted into another shape. A sleek, black creature emerged around the size of a large panther. His presence made everything feel dwarfed by comparison. Every muscle moved tightly under the midnight-colored coat. His jaw was longer than a wild cat’s, with razor sharp teeth. His spine was lined with small, sharp, spiked horns. There was also something about him that reminded me of a wolf. But neither panther nor wolf seemed to define him. His movements were graceful and stealthy. A deep, vibrating growl shook the room. Nails curved like sickles, ripped at the floorboards as he moved closer to Drauk. His eyes flared red.


“Don’t touch me,” I spouted angrily, but I didn’t move, my body pulsating with tension.

“Stop me.” As he moved in closer, I could feel the heat resonating off his body. He paused for a moment, waiting for me to act on his words. I didn’t. Grabbing the back of my head, he tugged a handful of my hair back so I had to look up at him. Breathing in shakily, conflicting emotions of hate and desire raged inside me. Fire burned in his pupils, making him look even more feral.

He suddenly pressed his body into mine, his lips coming down on mine with a savage hunger. I felt dizzy; my need for him was desperate and raw. His hand locked on the back of my head tighter as I pulled him by his belt loops closer to me. We were both fierce and demanding as we kissed. Biting. Tugging. Wanting.


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