New Young Adult novel announcement

01 May

What am I working on? A lot. The next books slated for release will be Profit & Loss and Rouge. Then the next and final Mercy book. I’ll release the title and cover soon.

Today, I’m here to talk about a new young adult romance novel I started back in 2013. (I told you have a  bunch of back titles to release). Anyway, I’m super excited about this one. I think your going to love Colton if you love Flynn (my Cambion bad boy). This is a summer release, but I’m sharing with you the cover and blurb. (Thanks Sara Eirew for an amazing cover design.)

Here it is.

too far amazon

Seventeen-year-old, Sadie MacPherson has a reputation and not a good one. The questions behind the night she slides from innocent middle-class girl to trailer park trouble can be answered by one guy.

Colton Beau

After a shadowy two years absence from high school, the dangerously hot Cajun stalks through the doors on a Friday no less. With a swagger in his step and an earned smirk on his face, he doesn’t recognize the gorgeous bad girl rumored to break V-cards from the good one he left behind.

With Sadie’s wrong kind of home life and a promise he made long ago, Colton uses his connection to the local motorcycle club to tie himself to the one girl that rings all his bells. In a fake relationship to protect her, he can’t deny he doesn’t look at her like his best friend’s little sister anymore and she stops thinking of him as a means to an end.

Only when Sadie learns why Colton left those years ago; too far might not be far enough might be too close for the hurt the truth will cause them both. Truths or not, even the Texas heat isn’t a match for the flame that sparks between them. Can they continue to pretend that what’s between them isn’t in fact very real?

When shame masks truth, and love becomes camouflage, they know they’ve gone Too Far.

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