News about Equity (Balance Sheet series)

18 Apr

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Ah, the joys of putting the last word on not only a book, but a series. It’s funny, this is the last series I started to write and it’s the first I’ve finished.

EQUITY represents the end of Kalen and Bailey’s journey. The story is told from both of their point of views. It wraps up just as I’d planned from the beginning (I’m thrilled about that). Some times when you’re writing, the story takes over and goes in a direction you didn’t expect. Not so here, which is why I found it easier to complete this story over the other projects I’m working on. However, this installment turned out far longer than the first two novellas in this series. In fact, this book is novel length.

For those of you disappointed Kalen wasn’t in Liabilities as much as you would have liked, I hope once you read Equity you’ll understand the need for that part of the story.

The book is off to the editor and when I get it back, I’ll have to no doubt make changes. However, the days are numbered for publication. I’ll release the date with the cover reveal next week.

So what now. I NEED YOU to help me spread the word. Yes, the joys of working for one self. I need the help of my favorite readers to spread the word. And what do you get out of this? I’m running a $50 gift card giveaway specifically for those of you who sign up and spread the word. How to get in on the action? Click the link below. Spreading the word is not only for bloggers but for any of you who use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc. So click the link below to sign up to join my TEAM.

And Teasers… Why not?

    “Your Matt,” he said to the other man.

Matt reached out a hand. “Yeah, you are…”

“Turner. Bailey’s fiancé,” he announced taking Matt’s hand in a firm but quick hand shake.

Matt’s head snapped in my direction. I pinched the bridge of my nose. It wasn’t the time for a pissing contest.

“I appreciate you coming out to help,” he said, his face looking hopeful.

“There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for Bailey,” Matt said.

This was getting ridiculous. If we didn’t find Bailey soon, none of this posturing would matter.

“Kalen said you had interest in Bailey.”

Matt sized up Turner measuring his response. “I love Bailey.” Matt stopped and let Turner absorb that statement. “Like a sister though. I won’t lie and say I didn’t make a play for her when I finally took my head out of my ass. But Kalen here had already stolen her from me.”

Had Matt just taken my side? “Matt,” I said, ready to steer this conversation back on task. I pointed to the where Turner just stepped out of stalks as tall as though in the movie Children of the Corn. “This is where we believe whoever took her came through.”

The cop moved forward back in investigation mode. Turner gave me a look ignored. I understood his need to stake a claim. Hell, I might have done the same if I had a leg to stand on. Bailey however had made her choice.



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One response to “News about Equity (Balance Sheet series)

  1. Maree Goulas

    May 2, 2014 at 12:27 am

    I have ignored everyone around me (including my 3 kids), to devour “Assets” & “Liabilities”! Both books were beyond amazing and although I’m disappointed that “Equity” is not yet available I am thrilled that this story hasn’t finished yet! Shannon Dermott – you rock girl! Can’t wait for the finale, keep me posted!!!!


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