Been a while…

18 Mar

The greatest gift to an author is a reader. I remember the first review I received on the first book I wrote. I remember being in the kitchen with my family and reading it. And no, I didn’t ask family and friends to write that review. It was by someone I’d never met. I was new to the game and hadn’t asked anyone to read my book at that point. So this first review was pure in the purest form. She bought my book on her own, read it and gave it a five-star review. The review was only a few sentences, but it was priceless to me.

Reviews whether good are bad are important for an author. These reviews let others know that someone read it, thought it was at least good enough to buy. So I’m grateful for all of you who’ve taken the time to write a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and even Goodreads.

With that said, I’ll never forget that day, nor will I ever forget her, my first reviewer. Isn’t that true of all first?

Anyway, writing is also a solitary experience. It takes a considerable amount of time and then in my case patience from my family. Writing is like planning your wedding day. You spend months working on it and then for the reader, the experience is over in a matter of hours. How do I know? Well, I’m a reader and writer. So I understand the joys of reading a book I’ve waited for and then it’s over far too soon. And I know as a writer just how long it takes to type out all those words even though the story is already written in my head.

This past year for me has been fraught with illnesses freaky in nature for me at least. And a lot of changes like moving and trying to start anew.

I’ve also battled with giving my keyboard the time it needs so I can complete the books that are in my head. This past weekend, I wrote about 10k in words. YAY for me. But the week before…

Things are going slowly, but I hope that each time I put into the written word is quality. And that quality makes up for the lack on quantity. I hope you guys will continue to be patient with me.

Finally, ask and you shall receive has always been my policy. Someone asked me today about Equity, book three in the Balance Sheet series. So here is a teaser.

Equity Ad

Also for you Mercy readers, I don’t know if you caught the new cover of Beg for Mercy. Here it is.


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