ePiracy and Updates

11 Sep

As I continue to battle with ePiracy, I came across a site this morning that although is giving my book away for free had interesting words to say about me. Not sure if these same words are used for other authors whose books are being pirated but I thought it was interesting.

Here is what they said…

The author Shannon Dermott is famous for his unique style of narration. Best books of Shannon Dermott are read throughout the world. One person considers authors style as difficult, heavy to read and even mysterious, but the others think that some books are really light, amusing and lively. Shannon Dermott works explore the distinction between literature and literary commentator. The eBooks are written with the desire to stimulate readers emotions, and readers read to experience an affective charge. These best books are recommended to read by critics. 

The literature is that magic key that opens the door of cognition of many spheres of human knowledge. It helps us to learn some interesting facts about t history, to know more about peoples life in another, and ebook of Shannon Dermott help us. Sometimes, while reading a ebook, we can analyze the actions of its characters and it helps us to draw some certain conclusion.

Shannon Dermott ebooks seem to be interesting for many people, because they introduce such a variety of topics and problems, which the writers did not refer to before. Many of the literary movements of the time the author lived in involve not only him, so the literature at the beginning of the century is considered unique throughout the world.

The Shannon Dermott is probably one of the most famous and most loved writers. The major themes of creation are nature, love, death and eternity, though she frequently uses humor, puns, irony and satire in her poetry. Ebooks are learnt and recited by many pupils and student.

Now we can suppose that that century literature consisted of various movements, reflecting beliefs and hopes at that time. Readers have studied them in more detail and demonstrated that the themes the writers and poets referred to are also important for a nowadays person.

Considering I’m not a he, I’m guessing this is a canned statement. But why advertise me or any author to give my books away? I’m not sure I’ll ever understand the people who do this.
Updates –
I’m in the middle of writing, thus I haven’t posted much lately. Sorry for that. Later this month there will be a POV from the Cambion series if I don’t post another earlier. I hope all is well with everyone.
Thanks to everyone who has purchased the audio version of Through the Lens.
Happy Reading everyone.
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