Thursday’s Teasers

03 Aug

Random Thursday Teasers and thoughts.

Teaser from the next Mercy book.

My half smile and a quick shake of my head said it all.  I went to grab the door handle to get out. Stopping me, Maggie said, “This is all messed up, Eme. But it will work out… Somehow.”  Her voice trailed off.

Feeling like the biggest jerk, I turned and took her hand and gave it a squeeze.  “I’m sorry, Maggs. I should be there for you. I guess I just haven’t been sleeping well.”

Previously posted teaser on Facebook and Twitter

I stared down at the question I’d hesitated on. A synonym for licentious.  I called him that.  A tightness in my chest broke with the thought of him.  Pushing back grief, I just had to get through this. Then the tears could fall.


I ran accross this picture on the web.  Who does this guy remind you of?

credits: Photography:Troy Phillips & Akimitsu Sadoi

Don’t forget to post reviews or like the individual Cambion series pages.  Reward – POVs from one of the boys during either Beg for Mercy or Waiting for Mercy.  See the Ask and you shall receive post for details.

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