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New Group, Contest, etc.

One incredibly cool person started a Cambion group on Goodreads and got some other really awesome people to join in on the fun.

So let’s just say, I joined to. And because it’s a special group, I’ve posted some exclusive teasers there for AOM tonight. Join and don’t miss out on those and future teasers. Plus, I may just answer a question or two or three if you have any.

Maybe at some point a contest for an ARC of AOM….. maybe…..

Check it out….

In other news— I hoping to get a POV to you guys this weekend as well.

OH, I forgot to mention…. A contest for your choice of one of my books. Check here for the rules and the prize offering. Special thanks to Suzanne for hosting it!!!!

Flashback…. A contest entry for pics of who Mercy’s boys were. (This contest is long since over) However I ran across it tonight and thought I would share.  This entry was for Luke. Sure nice to look at.


Happy Weekend.

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What’s going on?

Hey guys, I can hardly keep up with everything that is going on.  I want to first say thanks to all of you for a successful launch of Through the Lens.


It’s remained in the top #100 of Coming of Age books for this past week. I hope it continues.

Thanks for all of you who have posted reviews.  They are so important.

For those who’ve read and asked, I’m here to answer.

Yes, I’ve considered writing a sequel to the story probably from Ethan’s POV. Another possibility is offshoot story with Madison & Bradley and/or an Allie story.  However, I’m sure most of you would prefer for me to get Angel of Mercy out there as soon as possible.

Remember will hopefully be out this month.  Everything has been delayed.  But I’m doing my best to get things finished.


Don’t forget my iPad Mini giveaway.  I’ve been told it will work internationally, but confirm with Apple if you are concerned.

Finally, I will hopefully post another POV from the Cambion series and/or another chapter in the Sebastian story sometime this week.  Maybe even today if I can get my act together.

Thanks guys for all your considerable support and kind words.  They help me through the rough patches of writing.

And the giver I am, I will leave you with a teaser from AOM.


Hands filled with strength and love that had moments before caressed my back, stopped.  Falling away like stones on a mountain, he pulled on the sides of my shirt and released. “Were you dressed when Sebastian came to get you?”

The menace in his voice gave me pause.  I nodded furiously, conveying a Yes, while I watched his eyes cloud over with a hurricane of dark emotions.  I felt my Luke slipping away and the one I created emerge.  His hand drifted up between my breasts without touching.  Then he pinched the fabric of my shirt, pulling a bit again and released.  “Why weren’t you dressed?  It’s the middle of the day.” The accusation left unsaid hurt……

Scrambling off his lap, I stumbled to my feet.  ….., trying to hold back my own anger.  In my head, I repeated this isn’t my Luke several times, trying to calm down.

Standing, he towered over me looking very pissed off. “You haven’t answered me. Why weren’t you dressed?”

“I was sleeping okay,” I yelled.  Then in words meant to cut deep, I said, “I haven’t been sleeping well without you.”

The pinched expression he held began to fade away.  The darkness within him began to recede.  Bending over, he picked up the book.  When his eyes met mine again, they were no longer the churning waters of an ocean brewing a storm.

“I’m sorry Mercy. Shit, sometime I can’t help it.  I love you so much it hurts.”  His fingers pushed my hair behind my ear.  His thumbs caress my mouth.  His touch sent shivers through me.

Aching for him to kiss me, I said, “I love you too.”

Nodding, he flipped the book in his hand to get to a page. “See here,” he pointed. What I saw was a bunch of gibberish. Watching me, he said, “I’m sorry you probably don’t read Latin.” Shaking my head, he added, “I’ve been looking through books about Succubi.” Quickly, he looked back at the book, but not before I caught the slight guilt in his eyes.  The cure for the damnation I’d bestowed on him would obviously be in books about my species. “And I came across this.” With his finger, he pointed again. I looked because he wanted me too…..


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Triple Teaser Day

It’s a writing day.  However, I thought I would pop in and post a few teasers for my upcoming releases.

First up is Through the Lens.

(taken from Through the Lens modified a bit by Shannon Dermott copyright 2012)

Teaser #1

Moving his hands from his lap, he placed them on the floor to help him stand from his crouched position.  The black leather of the couch seemed like a stone now weighed down with all the things left unsaid in the room.  “The light was for the pictures,” he said scooping up my camera. “I had a feeling that you hadn’t finished the roll.  You don’t have a flash, so we would need good light to make use of it.”

Wow, he’d thought of everything.  He’d known that I was a fraud from the beginning.  I wasn’t sure whether that was good or bad.  Bravery was new to me when it came to boys, “If you knew I hadn’t finished taking pictures, why invite me over?”

Raising his eyebrows, I realized he was just as surprised as I was that I’d asked that question. “Maybe I wanted to see how good your pictures of me came out.” It almost sounded arrogant, but it was off.  He wasn’t that guy even if he tried. “Maybe I just wanted to hang out with you.”  And that sent the butterflies off in my stomach.

Teaser #2

One moment his hands were in my hair, the next I was lying on the couch underneath him without a clue how that happened.  His hands made their way up the side of my dress which let me know I still had it on, thank goodness.  Obviously, I’d lost all reason.  Taking inventory of myself, my damp skin was surely from the heat of the room.  With a sudden urge, I felt the desire to undress to just to cool off, of course.

Next up is Remember

(taken from Remember by Shannon Dermott copyright 2012)

Teaser #1

Although the battle was won, there was no glory in the defeat.  If he hadn’t been there, she might not have survived.  He turned his back on the falling body of the would be killer shifting his attention back to her.  His heart grew still when he saw her lips blue and her chest unmoving.  He moved to her like an icy breeze, bending down to check for signs of life.  He would do what needed to be done, to hell with the consequences.  He hoped she would forgive what would come next.

Teaser #2

The bell rang and I reached for my backpack.  I’d been to my locker before class and didn’t need to go back. I shot straight out of my seat headed out the classroom directly for the school exit.  What I needed was to be outside getting some fresh air and calming my nerves.  I only had a short time to complete my task.  I walked straight with only a few yards until I broached the exit doors.  If I could get out and away before the throngs of students gravitated to the parking lot to hang out after school, it would be a small victory.

However before I could reach the exit, I felt eyes burning on the back of my head.  Why I turned and looked back, I don’t know.  But there, in the sea of students, milling around to unknown destinations, standing still was the fair-haired boy of my past.  His green eyes and handsome looks were unmistakable.  But so much had changed.  I couldn’t take back the choices I made.  So I broke our gaze and walked out the exit door without a word to Alex.

And finally Angel of Mercy

For this teaser, I’m going to do something a little different.

There is a song that reminds me of a part of the book.

The song is Angels (apt?)

The verse is

And everyday
I am learning about you
The things that no one else sees
And the end comes too soon
Like dreaming of angels
And leaving without them
And leaving without them

As in love with you as I am
As in love with you as I am
As in love, love, love

The lyrics for the entire song can be found on The XX website

For those of you with a holiday this Monday, Enjoy!  And to all, have a great weekend! 😀

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AOM Teaser #3

Okay, voting is really heating up on AOM Teaser #2.  Flynn fans are really coming through.  One of the goals was met for another POV, YAY!  I’m under deadline and I promise to post it by the end of next week.  In the meantime, I’ll give you guys another teaser.  Enjoy!

AOM Teaser #3 (excerpt from Angel of Mercy by Shannon Dermott copyright 2012)

Driving in the parking lot, it almost felt like old times.  Except Maggie and my roles were reversed.  Since the attack, I was driving her to school and not the other way around.

“When is the next holiday?” she groaned, scrunching in her seat like that would somehow change the fact that today was a school day.

Laughing, I said, “Not for a while.  Spring break is coming.” Hoping out fo the car, the door banged shut when I pushed it closed.  Maggie, catching up to me, had somehow managed to leave the car even though for a second there I thought I might have to pry her out.

My response perked her up and put a bit more pep in her step.  “Maybe we should all go away for the week.  It’s like Luke’s senior year,” she said wistfully.

Stopping in my tracks, Maggie halted and turned to face me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to remind you.”

Yeah, I thought. I’d lost so much this year. I didn’t need to be reminded that I would lose Luke to college and he would forget me.

“He won’t forget you,” she said, reading my mind in the way best friends did.  It was always like that between us.

“It’s college, Mags.  There will be a ton of girls.  Girls that will tempt him and…” I didn’t finish.  Luke wasn’t the same guy thanks to me.  Would he be faithful?  Would he even care about me after he left?

My musing was interrupted by Flynn’s fan club when they stopped right in front of us.  “Oh, look it’s the HITs.”  I looked up into the hateful face of a girl with mousey brown hair cut in strange layers that looked tangled and wild like her eyes.  I recognized her from around the halls and how she would linger wherever Flynn would be. But, I didn’t know her name or the name of the girl with her.

“Hits?” the girl beside her questioned, while pushing at her short dark hair.  She tucked it behind one ear nervously looked between her friend and us.  It seemed she didn’t want to be here anymore than I wanted to hear this.

“Yeah, you know Hookers in Training. That one,” the instigator girl said pointing with her heat seeking missile eyes directed at me. “…Caused all this.  She is the one that put him in danger.  She is the reason why he….”

My hands balled into fist at my sides.  It didn’t matter that what she said rang true in my heart. In fact, it may be because of it that all my pent up emotions were headed to the surface.  I had a feeling before this was over, I would be sitting in the principal’s office for the very first time in my life.  And for once, I didn’t care.

*THIS BLOG claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.


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AOM Promised Teaser #2

An update, last I checked I had 88 likes for Beg for Mercy on Amazon between the Kindle and Paperback version.  We are 12 likes away from another POV.  Thanks for all of you who have written reviews on Amazon and/or liked the page.

Here is my second promised Teaser of Angel of Mercy.

The gritty sand on his hand and my exposed skin left a stinging sensation as his fingers made a path down my thigh below my shorts and back up to the side of my rib cage pushing my shirt up just a little more.  One of my hands was trapped underneath him and the other I used to weave a path in his hair to bring us even closer.  Life was so precious.  I’d learned this in the last weeks.  My conviction was that the time was right.  The time was now.

Tell me, who do you want Mercy to end up with.


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AOM Promised Teaser #1

Happy Friday!

When writing Beg for Mercy, I didn’t have anyone pictured in my head when I developed the character. About halfway through, I decided to have a look around for visuals for fun. And I found Alex Pettyfer. I knew he was Luke for me. So when Sonya posted a picture of who she thought of for Luke when she was reading, I was like, yeah, great minds think alike. 🙂

Borrowing a picture from the movie Beastly, I thought it was a good enough visual to sort of go with this teaser.  Enjoy.

AOM Promised Teaser #1 (Angel of Mercy excerpt by Shannon Dermott copyright 2012) Please note that I’ve modified this teaser slightly to not give spoilers away.  When it is published in the book, it will differ slightly.


There was darkness and there was absolute darkness.  The latter, I remembered all too well.  Confined in it, I looked around to see the nothingness except the burning orange of the souls trapped there.

Suffocating, I didn’t need a reminder of the utter desolation.

“Mercy,” a voice cried out.  Turning back to face in the direction my body was, I came face to face with the man responsible for half my DNA.

“Father,” I heard myself say.  Why had I called him that?  He wasn’t anything to me but pure evil.

“The time has come, Mercy.  Your mother may have delayed destiny but now is the time for you to fulfill the bargain struck.”

“Bargain,” I hedged.

A wicked smile crossed his handsome features.  He was so striking. I couldn’t blame my mother for falling for him and he for her.  They were two beautiful creatures to behold.  “We all make bargains and mine was paid with your betrothal.”  My heart stopped when the name of my “betrothed” crossed his lips.

Sitting up, slicked with sweat, my breath came ragged and hard.  Pushing back my hair that was damp and pressed to my forehead, I looked over at Luke who was now alert and fully awake.  He was searching the room for possible threats based on the way his head moved to survey the room. Pushing himself up, he drew me close and gently kissed my forehead while pushing more hair from my face. “It was just a dream.”

I wondered how this boy could look at me which such love after I damned him. Not to mention, I could feel my hair matted to my head from sweat. I had to look like a total mess.  I drew away from him, swinging my feet over the side of the bed not sure where I was going.  Swiftly, he matched my movements and put an arm around my waist drawing me close.  I was shaking.  The dream felt so real.  It felt like I had been there somehow.  I thought about my damp skin and the heat that had surrounded me.  Trembling, I tried to shake it off.  My dream was fast becoming a waking nightmare.

“It was my father,” I choked out, before he could question me.  Then I proceeded to tell him all about it.

His previous golden tan was already dim from the damnation I’d cursed him with.  Yet, somehow he managed to pale to an almost gray color in that moment.  There was something like fear in his eyes.  “Mercy,” he said, a bit unsteadily.  “It was just a dream,” he reiterated.  “Even if it was true, this isn’t the middle ages.  Your father,” he began, looking off to the side.  Then he seemed to adjust his thoughts, shaking his head a bit. “Your dead father can’t marry you off.”  My gut clenched with worry.  I could see the crinkle of frown lines on his brow.  He had come to the same conclusions I had.

“I know,” I said. My father, tucked away in hell, couldn’t force me to marry anyone.  That wasn’t the problem. “But it all seems to make sense.  If it is true, it may explain some of what you found in your father’s library.”

~ I will post promised teaser #2 before the weekend is over ~


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Cover Reveal and Tuesday Teaser

Here it is, the title and cover of the third book in the Cambion series.

Many thanks to Amber McNemar at eThink Graphics for the cover.

Teaser about the book blurb….

Loss cuts deep, deeper when you’ve only had what seems like a short time with that person.  Your feelings were already confused and now there was no more time.  Mercy’s perilous adventures ran light speed ahead when newcomers come to town.  Lycanthropes, demon hunters, and someone else who will come between her heart and her head will play a part in determining her fate and the fate for if not all, most of her friends.


“…It’s been me. Always me.  And in the end, I may be the only one left standing between you and certain death.”

He was oh so close, close enough that his scent surrounded me like a blanket.  There was little doubt that I would always be safe with him.

“And what about…” I tried to say while looking into those blue eyes.

His finger put gentle pressure on my lips. “No one matters but you and me.  When will you realize that?”


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